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Welcome to Fuck Yeah! The Cat Empire. A tumblr dedicated to that indescribably wonderful band. And that's what this is, a fanmade website. I have no associations with the band beyond my love for it and its members. Posts are quite random in their forms but reasonable in timing. Feel free to SUBMIT things you related to the band, have a look around and click links.

You can find me (on my personal blog) at honeyswept. Or just message me, goes to the same askbox. :D

Fair warning, if you want to harass me, do it on one blog... and be reasonable in your argument.

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    Cheshire - Created by Alter Imaging
    3 years ago | 10 notes

    Did some adding to the sidebar, check out the links and tags?

    Although, any good fan would have been to those sites before and liked their page, right?! P.S. Chuck us an ask if you want all the boys’ tags up there or something else.