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    Cheshire - Created by Alter Imaging
    1 year ago | 10 notes

    The Cat Empire unveil amazing Graeme Base album artwork

    From the man who brought you the artwork for ‘Animalia’, comes TCE’s latest album art.

    Graeme Base on the artwork: “When I was studying Graphic Design as a kid I was just as passionate about music as art and always hoped I’d either be a full time musician or get a job designing record covers. But then I started doing children’s s books - one called ‘Animalia’ went gangbusters - and life just rolled off in another direction. But last year the call finally came.

    “I sat down in the studio with the guys from The Cat Empire and listened to some tracks. We spoke about jungles and ancient civilizations and Impossibly Impractical Instruments … and I tried to keep the grin off my face.

    “The piece shows a band of cats emerging from a lush Mayan Jungle heavily decked out in elaborate Aztec/Inca/Mayan-inspired outfits. Initially we take them for warriors - they look pretty fearsome - but closer inspection shows them to be carrying fantastical, weirdly-shaped musical instruments: they’re off to a gig!”